Planning & Safety

Adapted with permission from "Managing Michigan's Wildlife: A landowner's guide." and the Michigan Prescribed Fire Council's "A Prescription for Fire" brochure.

In every prescribed fire, safety is the number one priority. Long before the moment of ignition, a burn plan or prescription, is developed to address the specific objectives within a defined area. There are many things to consider when planning for a prescribed burn. Burns need to be conducted by individuals who are experienced and trained in the use of fire. However, it is important to understand prescribed burning and its use. For instance fire moves faster uphill than on a level surface, so slope of the burn area must be taken into account.

A plan details:

  • Atmospheric conditions such as humidity, wind speed, direction and temperature
  • Vegetation fuel types and conditions
  • Fire breaks
  • Equipment and personnel needs
  • Ignition plan
  • Smoke management
  • Contingency plans
  • Public notification

Sample Prescribed Burn Plan from "Managing Michigan's Wildlife: A landowner's guide."