Northern Lower Peninsula (includes contact info)

The Landowner Incentive Program in the northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan concentrates on creating or maintaining jack pine barrens habitat and jack pine forest ecosystems.

Potential projects include:

Ineligible projects include:

Northern Lower Peninsula LIP biologists can provide advice on most projects that are at least 20 acres. Preference will be given to properties that fall within priority areas (see list below). Projects outside the priority areas that provide a direct benefit to a LIP target species within the focus habitats or are greater than 40 acres may be eligible for assistance.

Applying for assistance is easy. Simply complete and submit a Wildlife Habitat Management Assistance Request form. Questions? Contact Brian Piccolo, LIP Biologist, at 989-275-5151 ext. 2030 or via e-mail at

Priority Township Areas

Priority Township Areas - Northern Lower Peninsula
Priority area townships in the Northern Lower Peninsula.
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