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Invasive Species
  • Invasive species have negative ecological, economic, social and public health impacts. They have been widely identified as a serious threat to global and local biodiversity. Once established, they often out-compete native species for limited resources such as food and habitat, alter and damage existing habitat, displace native species and in some cases prey directly upon native species. Their impacts are found in our waterways, along our roadsides, in our wilderness areas and in both rural and urban communities. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources recognizes these threats and is working hard to prevent new invasions, limit the spread of existing invasions and limit their associated impacts.
Invasive Species of the Month
  • Golden mussel
    Golden Mussel (Limnoperna fotunei) The Golden mussel is a bivalve native to Asia, and although not currently found in the United States is predicted to invade fresh water lakes and rivers throughout the country. Golden mussels arrived in South America in the 1990's, spreading through river deltas to 5 countries. The high filtration rate of golden mussels pose substantial threat to aquatic invertebrates and have the capacity to significantly alter all levels of food chain activity. >   More
Invasive Species News