Pointe Mouillee Managed Waterfowl Hunt Area Manager's Update

Review For Week Ending

  • 10/8/2017


  • Temperatures were in the 80’s – mid 70’s unseasonably warm.  Winds were out of the S/SW, W ranging (5-20mph).

Waterfowl Abundance

  • Duck numbers are picking up, the waterfowl count is done on the Walpatich, Lautenschlager, Bloody Run, Vermet, and Banana Dike this time of year.  Mallard numbers continue to climb,  Wood duck numbers have been steady all month, and Blue-winged/Green-winged Teal are increasing in the Vermet, Launtenschlager and Walpatich. Goose numbers, increased significantly over the past week since the early season closed.

Hunting Conditions

  • 2017 was a good growing year again.  We had an early spring and were able to start working our fields in April.  We have great corn production in the Nelson and Walpatich Units, we also have great buckwheat and millet production in the Nelson, Walpatich and Bad Creek Units. There will be plenty of food and very good cover throughout the game area.  

Managed Zones/Hunting Outlook

  • 2-10 Long Pond Unit – Managed Cattail Marsh
    • Same as last year, great cover, great potholes, and great marsh hunting opportunity.
  • 11-14 Nelson Unit – Flooded Ag Fields
    • There is good buckwheat/millet production along with excellent corn cover; corn height 6-8ft. A few decoy openings have been cut in each zone.
  • 15-19 and 21 Walpatich Unit – Ag Fields and Cattail Marsh
    • Zones 15 & 16 have good corn cover with corn height 6’-7’ tall.  This year we planted buckwheat around the corn strips in Zone 15 to provide hunters with a dry hunt field opportunity.  Zone 17 has excellent corn cover with corn height 6-8’ tall and good buckwheat production.  Zones 19 & 21 have excellent corn cover with corn height 6-8’ tall and good buckwheat production.     
  • 20, 22  Walpatich Unit – Managed Cattail Marsh
    • 20 and 22 will be the same as last year, great cover, great potholes, great marsh hunting opportunity. 

Open Hunting Outlook

  • Humphries Unit
    • Humphries Unit is a little deeper than last year, the two outer tubes at the south end have been plugged and have helped with our ability to control water levels. There should be good water depth to launch boats and outboards may be able to get in the Unit but you will have to stay to the east end.
  • Vermet Unit
    • Vermet Unit was drawn down in June/July to promote the growth of vegetation on the north and east parts of the unit. The west and south parts of the unit will once again be very good marsh hunting. We will add a little water to this unit for waterfowl season but not much, plan on it being a little shallower than last year. 
  • Bad Creek
    • Bad Creek is a newer unit in just its fourth season with water control. It is positioned on the west side of the Humphries Unit off of Roberts Rd. It is still a work in progress but there will be flooded buckwheat and corn and lots of opportunity for walk-in hunting. We are currently flooding the Unit and will fill it to full pool. 

Hunter Numbers

  • N/A

Waterfowl Harvest

  • N/A

What to Expect This Week

  • Temperatures during the week will be in the 60’s and 70’s with partly sunny skies and a rain event on Wednesday. Winds 5-15 MPH out of the NE Opening day on Sunday is going to be a little on the warm side about 78 degrees with winds 5-10 mph out of the SW. Sunday will be a little cooler high around 71 degrees but very windy 15-25 mph out of the SW

Upcoming Events

  • Open house Thursday, October 12th 6:00pm

  • Opening Day Thursday, October 14th draws at 5:30 and 11:00 (11:00 is a youth priority hunt)

  • November 5th AM draw is a youth priority hunt

  • November 12th Veteran priority hunt (both draws)

Additional Information

  • Pointe Mouillee Managed Hunting Changes
    • Changes made prior to the 2016 season
      • The shot shell limit has been increased from 18 shells to 25 shells each.
      • The check station will remain open until 4:00pm on Sundays and Thursdays for hunters to come in and take a left-over zone.