Frequently Asked Questions About the Wetland Wonders Challenge

What is the Michigan Wetland Wonders Challenge contest?

The Michigan Wetland Wonders Challenge sponsored by Consumer’s Energy, is a contest that the Michigan United Conservation Clubs (MUCC) has developed in partnership with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to highlight the exceptional hunting opportunities that are present to the public in Michigan. The contest will take place throughout the southern Lower Peninsula of Michigan at the seven Managed Waterfowl Hunt Areas (MWHA’s).

The contest begins on October 14, 2017 with the opening of the south zone waterfowl hunting season. The contest and will end on February 15, 2018 and MUCC will randomly select seven winners on March 1, 2018.

How do I participate in the Wetland Wonders Challenge contest?

To be entered into the prize drawing, an individual must have registered at a minimum of three different MWHAs during the same contest period and have their Wetland Wonders Challenge punch card validated by a Michigan DNR employee. Visit additional MWHA’s beyond the three required for entry and receive an additional contest entry for EACH additional punch! Increase your odds for winning by visiting all seven MWHA’s!

Wetland Wonders Challenge punch cards will only be validated during regular MWHA check station hours and on days when managed drawings for hunt zones are conducted (i.e., days and times when there are self-registered hunts are not included).

How do I submit my completed punch card?

You can submit you punch card at any MWHA after you have acquired three or more punches. If you cannot make it to an MWHA, you can mail your punch card to Detroit Metro Customer Service Center, Attn: Holly Vaughn Joswick, 1801 Atwater, Detroit, MI 48207.

What does it cost to enter the Wetland Wonders Challenge contest?

The Wetland Wonders Challenge does not charge a fee to enter the contest.

Do you win anything by competing in the Wetland Wonders Challenge?

Yes! Once an individual has signed up for the Wetland Wonders Challenge, he or she will be entered into the drawing. One grand prize winner will bring home a War Eagle boat package. Six additional winners will take home a duck hunting prize package worth over $1,000 with decoys, calls and so much more!  

Can I visit the managed waterfowl areas when I’m not hunting?

Yes, the managed waterfowl areas are open to the public. However, managed waterfowl hunting occurs during the fall and certain portions of the areas are closed to other access during that time. Other hunting activities also take place on the areas during the fall. There are also refuges located on the areas with restricted access. Please contact each area for more information.

Is there a fee to visit the managed waterfowl areas if I’m not hunting?

There is no fee to visit the managed waterfowl areas if you’re not hunting. Consider purchasing a Federal Duck Stamp or a base hunting license to support wetland habitat work at our managed waterfowl areas.

Which of the state's Wetland Wonders are part of this contest?

Can I enter the contest more than once?

Visit additional MWHA’s beyond the three required for entry and receive a contest entry for EACH additional punch on your card! Visiting all seven MWHA’s gets your name in the drawing five times! 6 MWHA’s equals 4 entries, 5 MWHA’s equals 3 entries and 4 MWHA’s equals 2 entries.

Do I win a prize for visiting all seven MWHA's?

Yes! A prize will be available to those participants with punches from all 7 MWHA's on their punch cards to recognize their achievement. 

Why are MUCC and the DNR holding this contest?

As part of the DNR's Explore Michigan's Wetland Wonders campaign, MUCC and the DNR are holding these events and contest to encourage you to visit Michigan's Wetland Wonders and see for yourself all of the recreational opportunities they afford. You will be introduced to the management that occurs on the areas to provide the unique habitats and the wildlife that use them.