The State of Michigan seeks innovative ideas to keep invasive bighead, silver, and black carp out of the Great Lakes.

Governor Rick Snyder and the Michigan Legislature have authorized $1 million to launch a global search for innovative thinkers who can provide the best solutions to this looming crisis.

The Threat

Silver carp and bighead carp are within 10 miles of the three electric barriers built to prevent invasive carp from entering Lake Michigan through the Chicago Area Waterways System.

A 2015 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service study shows the potential for small fish to be trapped and carried by barges through the system and existing electric barriers.

These fish can grow to over 100 pounds. They jump out of the water to threaten boaters, out-compete native species for food, and can take over an entire river system.

If that happens in Michigan, it will affect the core of who we are as Michiganders and what we love about our great state.

What is at Stake

  • A $7 billion fishing industry in the Great Lakes
  • Water recreation - a major attraction in Michigan's tourism economy, generating $38 billion in economic activity
  • The health of the largest freshwater ecosystem in the world

What can be Done

Preventing further movement of silver and bighead carp is the best, most cost-effective way to protect the Great Lakes ecosystem and valuable recreational economies from these invasive species.

The Challenge

A global search will begin in 2017 for new and innovative solutions to prevent invasive carp from entering the Great Lakes. Cash prizes will be awarded for one or more solutions submitted in the upcoming challenge.

Ideas at any stage of development will be accepted, from concepts with sound rationale to projects that are already in development or testing phases.

Anyone with an innovative idea is encouraged to apply (except for agencies directly involved in the challenge).

Receive More Information

If you are interested in submitting a proposal or wish to receive future information about the challenge, please give us your contact information below. When the criteria, guidelines and application process are available we will contact you via email. You may also receive relevant press releases and other information pertaining to the issue.

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For more information about the invasive carp issues threatening Michigan, please visit our invasive carp webpage.