How can I identify invasive carp?

Bighead and silver carp

Bighead and silver carp have eyes situated below their toothless mouths. Both have downturned mouths that appear to be frowning. Silver carp may grow to longer than 3 feet and weigh up to 60 pounds, while bighead carp are even larger – up to 5 feet long, weighing up to 90 pounds. Adult bighead carp are dark gray, with dark blotches. As the name implies, silver carp are silver colored with white bellies.

Grass carp

Grass carp can grow to more than 5 feet long and weigh more than 80 pounds. They have eyes that sit in line with their mouths, or slightly above, and scales that look to be crosshatched.

Black carp

Black carp are the largest of the four invasive carp species. They can be over 6 feet long and weigh more than 150 pounds. These fish have blackish-brown-bluish scales and an almost white belly.

This video shows how to identify bighead, silver, grass and common carp 
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