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The Gwinn Unit manages state forest land in Marquette and western Alger counties.

Gwinn Management Unit

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Inventory Schedules

The Open House: Your Opportunity to Participate
Each year, management recommendations are presented at open houses. As the name implies, open houses are informal sessions that give citizens an opportunity to speak with foresters, wildlife biologists, and other resource professionals. The inventories, compartment maps, and recommended management actions are available for the public to look at and provide suggestions to MDNR staff.
2020 Year of Entry Open House Schedule

The Compartment Review: The Final Plan
Modifications to the management recommendations are then incorporated into a finalized compartment plan to be presented at the "compartment review". The compartment review is a formal presentation that incorporates information from the initial inventory, the multi-disciplinary input period, and the open house. The presentation outlines the formal management plan for the compartment and includes an explanation of forest treatments if any are proposed.
2019 Year of Entry State Forest Compartment Review Schedule

Fuelwood Information

Learn about the Gwinn Management Unit

Gwinn Mangagement Unit The Gwinn Unit is comprised of approximately 278,000 acres and consists of what was formerly the Ishpeming and Gwinn forest areas. Located in the north central Upper Peninsula, the forest encompasses State land in Marquette and western Alger Counties. Demographically, the Gwinn Unit occurs in the most densely populated part of the Upper Peninsula. The major communities in the area are Marquette, Ishpeming, Negaunee, and GwinnSawyer.

Passive and active recreational uses of lands under the Gwinn Unit's jurisdiction are extensive. Blueberry Ridge, Anderson Lake, and Harlow Lake are three developed pathways managed by the Unit. Blueberry Ridge is one of the cross country ski trails managed by the DNR that is lighted for night time use. Seven State Forest campgrounds are managed and maintained by Gwinn Unit personnel. Bass Lake and Porterfield Lake are two constructed ORV trails operated by the Unit. There are approximately 500 miles of groomed snowmobile trails traversing Gwinn's forest land. The North Country Trail and the Tioga Trail, both rustic wilderness hiking opportunities, utilize State lands within the Gwinn Unit.

Other public jewels that are part of the Gwinn Unit are the Little Presque Isle Tract, The Donnelley Tract, and Rocking Chair Lakes. Located just north of Marquette, the Little Presque Isle Tract is a 3150 acre parcel of land that includes roughly 5 miles of pristine Lake Superior shoreline. The State offers six cabins for rent in this area of popular sand beaches that is used extensively for hiking, mountain biking, and cross country skiing. The Donnelley Tract is 1450 acres that was purchased by Elliott Donnelley and gifted to the State on behalf of Trout Unlimited. The purpose of this gift was to protect the Little Garlic River and its watershed for the trout fishery it provides. Rocking Chair Lakes is a natural area in a rugged inaccessible part of Marquette County. The lakes being managed trout lakes, offer a true hike in only wilderness fishing experience.

Forest types occurring over the Gwinn Unit are diverse. In any given year, Gwinn's forest management involves regenerating short lived trees to maintenance of the long lived trees. Annually, the Gwinn Unit conducts forest management activities on approximately 3400 acres. Average yields from the Unit's forests approximate 50,000 cords per year. As the forest industries are well established in the Upper Peninsula, and play a major role in local economies, the Gwinn Unit's contribution of forest resources is important to the health of local society.


2019 YOE Compartment Maps

All State Forest Compartment Review maps and documents are drafts to be used for general planning purposes. Links to these documents will be removed after the review occurs.

For a map of the Gwinn Forest Management Unit's 2019 compartments, view the Gwinn Locator Map.

The Gwinn Forest Management Unit has 2019 YOE Review packets available for the following compartments. The packets were posted August 18, 2017 unless noted otherwise:

The Gwinn Unit's 2019 YOE Compartment Review was held on October 17, 2017. The following linked document presents the changes and decisions made at this Compartment Review to the Inventory Database, Reports, and Compartment Maps, presented at Open House, for the Gwinn Forest Management Unit. This document is the official record of changes and decisions.

Gwinn Record of Changes and Decisions - Posted

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