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The Gladwin Management Unit manages 220,000 acres of state land covering six counties including; Clare, Isabella, Gladwin, Midland, Arenac part of Iosco and Bay. These counties are covered by the Harrison, Gladwin, Sanford and Standish field offices.

Gladwin Management Unit

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Inventory Schedules

The Open House: Your Opportunity to Participate
Each year, management recommendations are presented at open houses. As the name implies, open houses are informal sessions that give citizens an opportunity to speak with foresters, wildlife biologists, and other resource professionals. The inventories, compartment maps, and recommended management actions are available for the public to look at and provide suggestions to MDNR staff.
2020 Year of Entry Open House Schedule

The Compartment Review: The Final Plan
Modifications to the management recommendations are then incorporated into a finalized compartment plan to be presented at the "compartment review". The compartment review is a formal presentation that incorporates information from the initial inventory, the multi-disciplinary input period, and the open house. The presentation outlines the formal management plan for the compartment and includes an explanation of forest treatments if any are proposed.
2019 Year of Entry State Forest Compartment Review Schedule

Fuelwood Information

Learn about the Gladwin Management Unit

The Gladwin area has a large variety of outdoor recreational opportunities. There are two State Forest Campgrounds located near inland bodies of water offering 98 primitive campsites, hiking trails and a bird dog field trial area. There is also Wilson State Park located in Harrison that provides access to Budd Lake and offers 160 camping sites and weekend activities. The Lame Duck Foot Access Area has 11,000 acres located in Gladwin County. Major river/streams would be the Cedar, Tittabawassee and the Tobacco covering 473 miles.

The unit is responsible for over 40 miles of snowmobile trails located in the Harrison area known as the Fur Farm Flooding Trail and a over 130 miles of ORV trail in Gladwin and Clare counties. The number of miles on the ORV trail located east of Gladwin has been downsized to due to partial closure of the trail for repair and restoration.

perscribed burnPrescribed burning is commonly used within the Unit as a means of effectively reducing slash after a harvest is complete and prior to replanting to ensure good results. Not only does prescribed burning enhance blueberry growth commonly found in Gladwin County it is also a valuable tool used to maintain desired areas and improve natural regeneration of 56,000 acres of Kirkland Warbler habitat areas located in Clare County.

Clare and Isabella Counties are managed by the Harrison Field Office staff. The Muskegon and Clam Rivers run through areas of Clare County providing various recreational and sporting opportunities.

The Gladwin Management Unit is beginning to experience disease and insect infestation such as Oak Wilt and the Emerald Ash Borer. Areas within the unit have been set up as test sites and monitoring for the Ash Borer.

Arenac, Bay and part of Iosco County is managed by the Standish Field Office and offers 32 miles of a scenic natural river, over 450 miles of major rivers such as the Rifle, Au Gres, Saginaw, Kawkawlin, Au Sable, Tawas and the Pine; 83 miles of Great Lakes Shoreline and beautiful Wildlife Areas such as Wigwam Bay, Tobico Marsh, Nayanquing Point and Crow Island.

Midland County is managed by the Sanford Field Office and offers 309 miles of rivers/streams including the Chippewa, Pine and Tittabawassee. There are also 28 miles of the Pere Marquette Rail Trail that traverse Midland, Isabella and Clare Counties.

This is a truly diverse management unit ranging from large, low wetland areas in the eastern portion to higher, rolling sandy soil type on the northwest area of the unit with Aspen being the major timber type.


2019 YOE Compartment Maps

All State Forest Compartment Review maps and documents are drafts to be used for general planning purposes. Links to these documents will be removed after the review occurs.

For a map of the Gladwin Forest Management Unit's 2019 compartments, view the Gladwin Locator Map.

The Gladwin Forest Management Unit has 2019 YOE Review packets available for the following compartments. The packets were posted June 14, 2017 unless noted otherwise:

The Gladwin Unit's 2019 YOE Compartment Review was held on July 26, 2017. The following linked document presents the changes and decisions made at this Compartment Review to the Inventory Database, Reports, and Compartment Maps, presented at Open House, for the Gladwin Forest Management Unit. This document is the official record of changes and decisions.

Gladwin Record of Changes and Decisions - Posted

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