Encroachment Resolution Initiative

  • Encroachment Resolution Initiative - What Is It?

    Encroachment PictureThe people of Michigan own more than 4.5 million acres of land that is managed by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). This land is open and available to the public for recreational purposes, such as hunting, fishing and camping. Michigan's public land base contributes significantly to the state's economy, in recreation opportunities, as well as mineral and timber production.

    For decades, there have been encroachments on the public's land across Michigan. These encroachments, or trespasses, hinder the DNR's ability to properly protect, manage and maintain the public's land. Encroachments also remove the land from public use.

    Encroachments range from structural trespasses (entire barns, garages, or homes or portions of structures built on public land) to non-structural (signs, gardens, fencing) and historic (in place since before 1973) trespasses. In the past, extensive staff time and resources has been spent dealing with encroachment issues, and often the cases ended up in court.