Tax Payments

In 2006, the legislature set the Commercial Forest (CF) specific rate at $1.20 per acre per year through Tax Year 2011.

The rate is set to increase 5 cents every 5 years thereafter. 

  • Tax Years 2017 – 2021 –  $1.30 per acre per year
  • Tax Years 2022 – 2026 –  $1.35 per acre per year
  • and so on....

Landowners will receive an annual tax bill from the Township Treasurer, usually in the winter tax cycle (i.e. billed in December, due in February).

If CF taxes become delinquent, the land 

  • is subject to the foreclosure process and tax sale; and
  • can be declassified (i.e. removed from CF) by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).