Part 512 Requirements

(in addition to Commercial Forest requirements)

Land must be subject to a Sustainable Forest Conservation Easement that:

  • meets description in Section 2140 (link)
  • is approved by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and
  • meets the following criteria:
    • must be granted in perpetuity to the State of Michigan, a political subdivision of the State of Michigan, or a charitable organization that meets the requirements of the internal revenue code.
    • Must cover commercial forest land of 40 or more acres in size.
    • Must provide for non-motorized recreational use of the forestland by members of the public.
    • The land (or the Manager of the land) must be certified under a sustainable forestry certification program that uses independent third party auditors and is recognized by the DNR.


Landowners with a sustainable forest conservation easement under the CF statute must comply with all requirements of the CF statute

How to apply for Part 512