Michigan Sport Trolling License

Charter boat operators fishing for lake trout in Michigan waters are required to purchase a sport trolling license. It is not required for any other type of charter fishing activity.

The requirement and fee for this license is set by the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act 451 of 1994:

Sec. 47328
A license, except as otherwise provided by law, is not required of persons engaged in sport trolling in these waters, except that the owners of boats operated with either an inboard or outboard motor and offered for hire in sport trolling for lake trout shall obtain a license for each boat.

Sec. 47330
(1) The department, when application is made by any person in accordance with section 47329, shall issue the license provided for in this part upon payment by the applicant, if a resident of this state, of the following fees:

(a) For fishing with... a boat used in sport trolling for lake trout for hire, $16.00 per year.

A non-Resident sport trolling license is $80.00 for each vessel.

In addition, if a charter boat is offering minnows to their customers as part of the charter fishing package they will need to obtain a Retail Minnow Dealer license for the cost of $25.00.

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