Wildlife Permits & Certifications

  • Canada Geese - Permits
  • Canada Geese - Problem Wildlife Page
  • Commercial Hunting Guides Authorized to Use State Land Application and Permit for Commercial Hunting Guides to Use State Land, list of commercial hunting guides authorized to use state lands, and more information about guiding on state-owned lands.
  • Deer Damage Permits These permits are issued by your local field office for crop damage. If you are experiencing crop damage by deer contact your local office for assistance (click on "Field Offices" on the left tool bar). An assessment is completed to determine if the damage being inflicted is severe enough to warrant issuing permits. The permits are of no charge, and are used only to address crop damage at the time it is occurring. More info coming soon. Deer Conflicts Field Offices
  • Deer Management Permits These permits are also known as "Block Permits." They are allotted to landowners who need more licenses than they can legally buy. These licenses can only be used during the hunting seasons, and are purchased by the landowner. The permit is issued to a landowner for antlerless deer only. A DMAP may be re-issued to someone else by the landowner. The hunter must have an appropriate deer hunting license (Archery, Firearm, Combination, or Antlerless) for the season to receive a DMAP.
  • Dog Training Fox Hound Training Permit and Special Dog Training Area Permit
  • Falconry

    Information about how to get started in falconry.

  • Field Dog Trials

    A permit is required to conduct a field dog trial - defined as a trial or meet, advertised as such and open to entry by persons whose dogs qualify, in which not less than four participants, with dogs, are permitted to dog-train in competition or contest.

  • Game Bird Hunting Preserves Pheasants, bobwhite quail, Hungarian partridge, mallard ducks and exotic game birds may be raised and released for hunting for an extended season on hunting preserves licensed by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.
  • Game Bird Release Permits Licensed hunting preserve operators possessing pheasants, bobwhite quail, or Hungarian partridge are authorized to issue Game Bird Release Permits to their customers wishing to purchase more than 12 of these birds live (or their eggs) for release or personal consumption.
  • Permit Application for Non-Residents to Use Dogs for Hunting Black Bear in Michigan PDF icon
  • Permits to Hold Wildlife in Captivity
  • Privately Owned Cervidae Facility Registration
  • Project Control Application and Permit PDF iconA permit for use of pesticides outside of buildings in Michigan to control the depredations of pigeons, starlings, or English sparrows.
  • Scientific Collector's Permits
  • Taxidermy A taxidermy permit is required of any person to conduct a taxidermy business or to engage in preparing or mounting the skins, plumage or parts thereof from any regulated birds or mammals for a fee.
  • Threatened/Endangered Species
  • Wildlife Damage and Nuisance Control Permits

    An approved permit is required for all Wildlife Damage and Nuisance Control Commercial Operators

  • Wildlife Rehabilitation Permit Information

    Information about becoming a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, and related forms.