Report All Poaching (RAP)

  • Conservation officer holds up some deer antlers taken from a poacher.RAP Hotline: 800-292-7800

  • Report All Poaching

    Report All Poaching (RAP), is a service for the public to report wrongdoings to the Department of Natural Resources.

  • Poaching

    Poacher - a person who hunts, traps, or fishes illegally. Poaching - the illegal taking of fish or wildlife.

  • Report All Poaching video segment This segment from the Q1 Buck Pole TV show looks at how the Report All Poaching program works and when citizens should contact a conservation officer through the RAP line.
  • How to Report a Violation

    Call the toll free Report All Poaching (RAP) phone number 800-292-7800, or use the RAP online form.

Most Wanted

  • Wanted poster Rewards You may qualify for a reward if you furnish information that leads to the arrest and conviction of a person or persons taking, attempting to take, possessing or commercializing in wildlife resources contrary to Michigan or Federal law.

It's the Law

  • Laws & Legislation Conservation Officers are responsible for upholding the conservation laws of the State of Michigan.

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