Michigan Habitat Improvement Fund Program Grants

Program Objective(s):
To provide funds for projects on the Manistee, Muskegon and AuSable rivers to improve and enhance fisheries and aquatic resources affected by the operation of Consumers Energy Company's hydropower projects. These projects include fisheries habitat restoration and enhancement, preparing comprehensive river management plans, aquatic studies, fisheries recreation, water quality improvement and soil erosion control activities on these three rivers.


  1. The proposed project must be needed in the area.
  2. Degree to which the project meets one of the needs, areas of concern, or management direction indicated by the river assessments, river management plans, or Fisheries Division priorities and supported by the project coordinator
  3. Length of time the project will provide benefits
  4. Impact on future research projects such as enhancement to increase natural recruitment thereby reducing future costs of stocking
  5. Reduction of future expenditures or direct expenditures in a positive manner
  6. Size of area that will benefit from the proposed project
  7. Proposed project benefits compared to the costs
  8. Applicant has made preliminary arrangements with appropriate contractors for completion of the proposed project.
  9. Proposed projects having match funds available will be given preference.

All units of government, nonprofit organizations, and individuals willing to develop and complete projects located in the watersheds for the three river systems where the Consumers Energy Company hydropower projects are located.

Application Process:
Project applications are coordinated with the designated Project Coordinator for each river system. Project details should be provided to the Fisheries Division Coordinators by the end of February. Process and review of applications will be from March 1 through August 31. Successful project applications are notified of acceptance between September 1 and September 30. Contracts signed and funds will be transferred to successful applicants between October 1 and November 30. All projects will be required to file completion reports by October 30 of the following year.

Project applications are due in the office of the Project Coordinator by February 28, 2013

If a call for projects is announced, the application review and funding process for eligible projects is January 1 through September 30. Funds are dispersed to successful candidate projects after October 1. Verification of completion is October 30 of the following year.

Dollar Amount(s) Available:
No minimum amount; no maximum amount.

Source(s) of Funds:
Game and Fish Settlement Fund

Annual appropriation by the Michigan Legislature

Fisheries Division: Kyle Kruger, Mio, (989-826-3211, Ext. 7073), krugerk@michigan.gov

Fiscal Year 2013 Appropriation:
Not determined at time of publishing

NOTE: This program has been revised. Contact Kyle Kruger at 989-826-3211, Ext. 7073, regarding questions for new applications.