Snowmobile Law Enforcement Grants Program

Forms and Publications 
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Program Objective(s):


The objective of the Snowmobile Law Enforcement program is to promote safety in the use of snowmobiles through enforcement and education.


Grant funding is made available for patrol of the State designated snowmobile trail system and routes connecting with state designated trails. Allocation of grant funds is based on eligibility of grant applicant agency, the number of trail miles within the county, and past performance in use of grant funds.


County sheriff departments are eligible for snowmobile law enforcement grant funding if there are state designated snowmobile trails within the county. Local law enforcement agencies are eligible for snowmobile law enforcement grant funding if the local community has a designated connector route with a state designated snowmobile trail. Expenses applied to patrol time, operating costs and purchase of equipment necessary for enforcement work are all eligible for reimbursement, dependent on availability of state funding.

Application Process: 

  1. Grant applications are made available in June each year.
  2. Law enforcement agencies' grant proposals are due by August 1 to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.
  3. The Department reviews, evaluates and approves funding to law enforcement agencies based on the criteria listed above.
  4. The Department prepares grant agreements and notifies each law enforcement agency of their approved snowmobile law enforcement grant .


Grant applications are due by August 1 for the following snowmobile season.  For reimbursement, a completed State Aid Voucher, annual activity report and other expenditure documentation are due by May 31 to the Department, following the end of the grant period.


The time period from grant application to grant award is two to three months. Grants are issued for a partial fiscal year, October 1 through the following April 30.

Dollar Amount(s) Available:

Funding is based on the criteria listed above and varies between grantees. Reimbursement is up to 85 percent of actual expenditures, not to exceed the grant allocation. A local match of 15 percent of reimbursable expenditures is required.

Source(s) of Funds: 

Snowmobile Registration Fee Fund, administered by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources


Part 821 Snowmobiles, NREPA (1994 PA 451)


For Grant information: Parks & Recreation Division: Richard Kennedy 517-284-6107,

For Law information: Law Enforcement Division: Lieutenant Thomas R. Wanless 517-284-6026,