2016 Dam Management Grant Recipients

Flint River Dam Removals ($3,000,000)

Genesee County Parks and Recreation Commission, Genesee County














Funds will be used for removal of Hamilton Dam, one of Michigan’s most critical high hazard dams, and Fabri Dam. Both of these removals will contribute to a larger revitalization plan for the Flint River corridor.

Boardman Dam Removal #3 ($75,000)

Conservation Resource Alliance, Grand Traverse County


This funding will assist with the removal of the Sabin Dam on the Boardman River. This project is part of a larger effort that also includes removal of Boardman and Brown Bridge dams. The project will enhance connectivity to promote resilient and robust fish populations in the Boardman River.

Trowbridge Dam Removal Project ($75,000)

DNR-Wildlife Division, Allegan County

Funds will be used for the design of a water control structure to replace Trowbridge Dam, which is a deteriorating dam on the Kalamazoo River. This dam is considered a high hazard dam by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

O’Neal Lake Dam Repair ($200,000)

DNR-Parks and Recreation Division, Emmet County


Funds to repair O’Neal Lake Dam, a state-owned dam on Big Sucker Creek. This repair will enhance recreation, improve wildlife habitat and increase opportunities for wild rice growth.