Michigan Freedom Trail Commission

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    In 1998, Public Act 409 established the Michigan Freedom Trail Commission and directed it to preserve, protect and promote the legacy of the Freedom Trail in Michigan. This heritage of the Underground Railroad and the antislavery movement in Michigan is as rich and multifaceted as our state's heritage of the Great Lakes, the automobile and lighthouses. Follow the links below to discover the MFTC and its endeavors.

Learn More About the Michigan Freedom Trail Commission

  • Meeting Schedule Members of the public are welcomed to attend the MFTC's quarterly meetings.
  • Strategic Plan PDF iconLearn about the MFTC's five goals related to the Underground Railroad in Michigan: 1) supportive infrastructure, 2) documentation and research, 3) identification and preservation, 4) education and 5) cultural and heritage tourism and public awareness.
  • Annual Report PDF iconFind out the year's achievements and challenges in celebrating the legacy of the Underground Railroad in Michigan.
  • Educational Resources

    Children, parents and educators—we are compiling an ever-growing list of links to web resources for the Underground Railroad, beginning with resources located right here at the Michigan History Center.

  • Members of the Michigan Freedom Trail Commission Meet the members of the MFTC, appointed by the governor to make an impact on the chronicling of Michigan's Underground Railroad heritage.
  • Nominations

    The Michigan Freedom Trail Register program helps preserve, promote and document the Underground Railroad in Michigan by creating opportunities to identify, acknowledge and promote UGRR sites, programs and facilities. Find out what qualifies for the register and how to submit a nomination.