Upper Peninsula Habitat Workgroup

  • About the U.P. Habitat Workgroup (UPHW)

    The Upper Peninsula (U.P.) experiences high snowfall that requires deer to seek conifer shelter to survive typical winters. Recent consecutive severe winters, declining deer numbers and concerns of winter shelter reductions has resulted in the Upper Peninsula Habitat Workgroup reconvening with new members and a renewed mission focused on improving and conserving critical U.P. winter deer habitat.

  • Upper Peninsula Deer Winter Range (DWR) Deer Winter Range (DWR) comprises landscapes in which forested stands are present in sufficient quantity, quality and spatial arrangement to provide food and shelter to mitigate the effects of winter weather conditions and are occupied by deer in winter.
  • Managing U.P. Deer Winter Range

    The U.P. Habitat Workgroup is developing detailed deer winter range habitat strategies including management plans for individual deer wintering complexes.