About the U.P. Habitat Workgroup (UPHW)

The Upper Peninsula (U.P.) experiences high snowfall that requires deer to seek conifer shelter to survive typical winters. Recent consecutive severe winters, declining deer numbers and concerns of winter shelter reductions has resulted in the Upper Peninsula Habitat Workgroup reconvening with new members and a renewed mission focused on improving and conserving critical U.P. winter deer habitat. The workgroup, comprised of natural resource professionals, private landowners and sportsmen's groups, is led by Natural Resources Commission member J.R. Richardson of Ontonagon and Jim Hammill of Crystal Falls, a wildlife management consultant who is also a retired DNR biologist.

  • You can contact the U.P. Habitat Workgroup through group member Terry Minzey, DNR U.P. Wildlife Supervisor, at 906-485-1031, ext. 311.