Help protect the environment by Camping Green

Camp Green


Camp Green! Follow these guidelines to ensure that today's forest and campground resources are available to tomorrow's users:

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:
    • Recycle materials like paper, clean cardboard, metal and plastic food containers. If recycling is not available, take materials home to recycle.
    • Use biodegradeable soap, or try hot water soapless dishwashing, bathing and clothes washing
    • If you carry it in, please carry it out to eliminate litter
    • Bring your own reusable plates, cups and silverware instead of disposables.
  • Water:
    • When using soap (even biodegradeable) and toothpaste, do so at least 100' away from natural water sources and well or faucet water sources to protect water sources from contamination
    • Use water sparingly by taking shorter showers and not leaving faucets running while brushing teeth or shaving
    • Properly dispose of gray water and sewage, (don't dump it on the ground)
  • Fire:
    • Keep fires small
    • Have water available to extinguish the fire properly
    • Never leave a fire unattended
    • Maintain a 10' diameter and debris-free area around the fire
    • Make sure ashes are cold when you leave a fire
    • Don't burn trash in the fire circle
  • Energy:
    • Turn off the air conditioning when it is not absolutely necessary, and don't leave doors and windows open when the air conditioner is operating
    • Make sure lights and appliances are turned off when not in use
    • Go for a swim to cool off

Why Camp Green?
You can be a steward of your park's environment, keeping it clean and operational for future generations. Over the years, many campers have switched from tents to larger campers that consume much more electricity. In fact, air conditioners (ACs) are the biggest consumer of electricity in our parks. When reducing electrical costs, the savings can be passed on to you in the form of park improvements.

Other Green Initiatives
Visit to learn about the many ways Michigan state parks and other facilities are protecting the environment.

Camping reservations can be made online at or by calling the Central Reservation System at 800-44-PARKS (800-447-2757).