• Michigan's 20 million acres of forest land support a diverse industry and some of the best hard maple and red oak timber in the world. Our forest products industry has:

    • Over 800 logging and trucking firms
    • About 300 primary manufacturers – sawmills, veneer mills, pulp and paper mills, and engineered board manufacturers.
    • More than 1,000 secondary manufacturers – companies that use lumber or products made by a primary manufacturer to make finished goods


  • Secondary Manufacturer Survey

    For Michigan-based wood, paper, and wood composite material manufacturers:

    Information from the survey will be used to produce a report on the composition and status of the forest products industries in Michigan. Survey responses will also be used to update company listings in the Forest Products Industry Directory, a free searchable listing of forest products manufacturers, mills, and timber producers.

    Manufacturers can fill out a web-version of the survey, or fill out a PDF version of the survey and email or fax it back to the DNR.

  • Primary Mill Survey

    For primary manufacturers - companies that use sawlogs, pulpwood, chips or fuelwood from in-woods harvesting to manufacture first-order goods like lumber, paper, engineered wood products or mulch

    A survey of wood-using primary mills and biomass energy facilities that were active in calendar year 2016 to help assess the amount of wood harvested from Michigan forest land. Responses will be used to summarize information statewide on the types of mills in operation, products produced, and estimates of wood volume used and residues created in the manufacturing process. All individual mill volume information will be kept confidential.

    Primary Mill Survey Questionnaire

    Questions? Contact David Neumann at neumannd@michigan.gov or 517-284-5887, or Brenda Haskill at haskillb@michigan.gov or 906-293-5131 x 4053.