Weekly Fishing Report

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NOTE TO ANGLERS: This report is intended to give anglers an idea of fishing conditions around the state. The updates come from a combination of creel clerks and other DNR staff around the state and reflect past fishing conditions over the last seven days. Due to the nature of the Great Lakes, fishing conditions on them can change daily if not hourly based on wind and rain events.

Thursday, December 1, 2016
Weekly Fishing Report

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We are in-between seasons where boats are put away for the most part and many are now waiting for ice. Shore anglers are still heading out when the weather allows.

Southeast Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Detroit River: Those jigging have caught walleye on a purple or black Wyandotte worm. Fish have been caught in the deeper areas of the channels and also around Horse Island. Perch anglers were still doing well especially in shallow waters anywhere from 6 to 10 feet deep. Shore anglers were also catching fish. It seems the fish were no longer concentrated so anglers may have to work harder to find them.

Lake St. Clair: Fishing activity has been very limited because of windy conditions over the last week. The docks at the launches on both the lake and the river will stay in through the first week of December unless ice becomes an issue.

St. Clair River: Walleye anglers are still finding fish. The best catches have come for those whipping and casting from shore at night.

Saginaw Bay: Perch fishing was productive weather permitting. Fish were caught in various cuts, canals, marinas and the bay itself when using perch rigs with minnows. The occasional crappie, rock bass, largemouth bass and even a couple pike were also caught. Crappie were caught when floating small jigs tipped with a minnow. Those trolling for walleye have taken a few fish on crank baits in 15 to 24 feet. Very few limit catches but most are taking some fish home.

Saginaw River: Walleye fishing was spotty. Most were jigging minnows or plastics near Saginaw, Bay City and down to the mouth. Most were 2 to 4 pounds but some were up to 7 pounds.

Southwest Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Grand Haven: Pier anglers are catching whitefish.

Grand River at Grand Rapids: Continues to produce steelhead especially after the latest rain. Most are fishing below the Sixth Street Dam. Those fishing the Rogue River have also caught steelhead down near the mouth. Try flies, spawn or wax worms.

Grand River at Lansing: No word this week on steelhead but those wanting to go out and catch fish continue to do well for smallmouth bass and pike. The smallmouth were hitting on tube jigs with grubs and twister tails. The pike are hitting on bluegills and large pike minnows.

Muskegon: Anglers are catching whitefish off the pier and in the channel.

Muskegon River: Still has a decent number of steelhead.

Northeast Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Ocqueoc River: Should have more steelhead especially in the lower river.

Thunder Bay River: Should have some steelhead and Atlantic salmon below the Ninth Street Dam.

Au Sable River: Anglers should find some Atlantic salmon in the lower river.

Tawas: Pier anglers targeting whitefish had spotty success at best. Catch rates were hit-or-miss depending on the weather. Specific wind direction, colder water temperatures and stained water are important for a good bite. The bite is usually tied in with the first week of the firearm opener but it has been too warm with sunny skies and clear water. Anglers will want to continue to try as conditions are slowly changing.

Northwest Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Frankfort: Pier anglers and those surfcasting have caught some steelhead.

Betsie River: Steelhead fishing was slower. Recent rain may help draw more fish up into the river.

Manistee: Pier and beach fishing for steelhead has been good at times depending on the weather and wind direction.

Manistee Lake:Trolling for coho yielded some good results for a few anglers near the Stronach Launch. The bite has been slightly better in the morning with anglers fishing the shallower waters near the mouth of the Little Manistee River. Steelhead are still being caught out in the lake, but the majority have moved up into the river.

Big Manistee River: The discharge rate is up, water depth is increasing, and temperatures have been on a steady decline. Steelhead are still slow to progress up river with many choosing to stay below Pine Creek. The bite has been fairly steady. Tippy Dam has also produced a few fish along with the occasional lake trout. Flies and jigs have been doing pretty well above and below the Coffer Dam. Down river, floating spawn was the ticket.

Ludington: Pier anglers and those surfcasting have caught some steelhead when the winds allow.

Pere Marquette River: Steelhead are being caught but fishing did slow some.

Upper Peninsula Fishing Report

Little Bay De Noc: Cold nights have dropped water temperatures down to the mid to lower 40's. Some walleye anglers were in the southern waters down around the "Black Bottom". Fish were caught by those trolling stick baits in 22 to 27 feet. Most anglers are still in the northern Bay between the First and the Center Reef and taking fair catches when trolling stick baits in 10 to 28 feet and deeper. Some larger fish were starting to enter the Bay as the action is just starting to pick up. Perch catches were down mainly because of fewer anglers participating. If temperatures remain the same, December should prove to be good walleye fishing.

Enjoy your catch! Eat safe fish! Learn about eating safe, local and healthful fish from our Great Lakes State at: Michigan.gov/eatsafefish.