GED High School Equivalency Certificates and

“Social Security Number”



Pleased be advised that the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Growth’s Adult Education Office will no longer be printing social security numbers on the GED High School Equivalency Certificates they issue.


Text Box:  The High School Equivalency Certificates will have the words “Social Security Number” removed from the Certificate.  Our office will completely revamp the certificate without the words “Social Security Number.”


Each official GED Testing Center in Michigan will also be notified about this change via the GED Chief Examiners.


This new policy is being implemented as a result of the explosion of social security theft throughout the nation.  According to Bill Thomas, the Chairman of the U. S. Committee on Ways and Means, identity theft is the number one consumer complaint – amounting to 43 percent of complaints received in 2002 by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).  Complaint calls from possible victims grew from 31,117 in 2000 to 161,819 in 2002 – and increase of 420 percent in just two years.1


Additional facts about social security identity theft cited by Chairman Thomas:


1Chairman Bill Thomas, Committee on Ways and Means, 7/29/2003 4:25 PM