Medical Leave of Absence – Employee:

Leave without pay for a serious health condition that makes the employee unable to perform the functions of the employee’s position.  Employee must have completed the equivalent of 6 months full-time employment or completion of their initial probationary period with the State of Michigan when the leave is granted.  See Civil Service Regulation 2.03(4.D) Leave of Absence without Pay


Medical / Maternity Leave of Absence – Employee:

Upon delivery, the employee is allowed to use 6 weeks of sick leave after a normal delivery or 8 weeks after a C-Section, unless her physician indicates that either the baby or she is experiencing health complications that do not permit her return to work in which case a new CS-1806 (medical certification) and Leave of Absence Application for FMLA, Medical, and Parental Leaves must be submitted.  If employee does not have sick leave to cover this time, she could receive long-term disability (LTD) benefits after the 14 day waiting period; otherwise her LTD plan (if covered) will be effective either after the 14-day waiting period or exhaustion of sick leave which ever occurs last.  If employee has FMLA weeks left, this time will count under the FMLA entitlement (Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).


Please refer to the applicable collective bargaining agreement to determine individual eligibility.


How Do I Apply for a Medical Leave of Absence?

When you are absent more than 5 work days due to illness, you are required to complete Page1 (Section 1) only of the Leave of Absence Application for FMLA, Medical, and Parental Leaves.  Submit page 1 of the Application to your supervisor, bureau liaison, or the Office of Human Resources no later than 5 work days from your last day worked. 


The Application (page 1) must be completed even though you may be using sick/annual leave hours and will remain on the payroll.  Failure to submit the Application (page 1) will result in your absence without proper approval and you may be separated from state employment.


The CS-1806 (medical certification) form will need to be completed by your physician.  To ensure confidentiality of your medical information, you may submit the CS-1806 directly to the Office of Human Resources (fax # 517-373-6526).





Employee Responsibility:

You must provide timely, updated medical documentation regarding your diagnosis, prognosis, progress toward returning to work, and/or possible need for reasonable accommodations:

·         Your supervisor, bureau liaison OR the Office of Human Resources (OHR)


·         Citizens Management Inc. (CMI)


Note: OHR is NOT responsible for sending CMI any medical information to extend your LTD benefits. CMI does NOT send any information to OHR for your initial leave or to extend your leave. (See LTD Information)  




It is the responsibility of the employee to notify their supervisor and timekeeper of their Leave of Absence, indicating how many hours of sick leave, annual leave, etc. they wish to use during their leave.  The FM (e.g. FMSL) hours types must be used in DCDS for FMLA-approved leave of absences.




·         Notify the Parking Office prior to your leaving to cancel your payroll deduction (if you will be going off payroll) while you are on leave; and notify any other payroll deduction that needs to be put on hold.

·         Notify the appropriate third-party (such as 401(K) and 457 Plans, ADP Inc., MetLife, your Credit Union/Bank, Friend of the Court, Garnishee, etc.).


To apply for a Leave Extension, please see the link below for more information:

Leave Extensions


When returning from Leave:

At the end of your leave, when you are ready to return to work:

·         You must provide your supervisor with a doctor’s statement releasing you to return to work on a specified date AND without restrictions.

·         This statement MUST BE submitted on the day of your return.

·         Your supervisor must IMMEDIATELY notify OHR of your return AND forward the doctor’s release so you can be reactivated on payroll timely.


If you are returning to work WITH restrictions:

·         At least five (5) days prior to your return you are required to provide your supervisor with a detailed doctor’s statement with the restrictions (such as what duties you are able to perform, for how many hours per day, the time period of restricted work – from and to), and the date of return to full duties.

·         A review of the needed temporary accommodations has to be done, and approval has to be granted before you return to work.

·         Temporary reasonable accommodations are generally granted for a maximum of 6 weeks.  Any additional time may be granted based on an individual basis and proof of verifiable medical information that you would be able to resume your full schedule and perform the essential functions of your position while you are at work.


Insurance Coverage:

·         Your insurance coverage from payroll deductions will begin the FIRST day of the pay period in which you return to work.

·         You are responsible to check your pay statements or Self-Service each pay period to ensure that all insurances have been reactivated and appropriate insurance and other deductions are being taken.


Medical Layoff:

An unpaid medical leave (off the payroll) will count against an employee’s entitlement of 6 months leave within a 5 year period.


       UAW employees with over 20 years may be entitled up to one year leave (Please refer to applicable Collective Bargaining Agreements to determine individual entitlements).

       NERES and Limited Term employees are not eligible for medical layoff.

       Refer to union contract for layoff and recall rights.

       Note: An employee may have exhausted their Bargaining Unit rights but still be eligible for FMLA leave.