Mail and Delivery Services

DTMB Mail and Delivery Services offers a full range of automated and manual mail handling and delivery services.  By utilizing these services, State agencies, colleges and universities, public school districts, and local units of government can realize significant cost savings. 

US Postal Service changes were effective on January 5, 2013.
New postal regulations for folded self-mailers and other pieces sent without envelopes went into effect Saturday, Jan. 5.

The changes affect the length, width and thickness of these mail pieces, among other factors. Offices that wish to mail materials that do not conform to the new standards may incur higher mailing costs or may be unable to send the pieces at all.

DTMB staff are available to help offices redesign pieces to meet the new standards and to recommend ways to obtain the best mailing rates. More information about the postal changes as well as DTMB services and contacts are available here.

Mail Services 

  • Automated Mail Processing   (Bursting, Inserting, Tabbing, Labeling, Direct Inkjet Image Labeler and Sealing)
  • Address List Management Service, Address Standardization, and Move Updates.  This service allows for address element updates (zip code, corrections and move "updates" through an approved USPS vendor).
  • Manual Mail Processing (Sorting, Collating, Inserting, Labeling, Packaging, Sealing, and Preparing and Shipping Packages and Parcels)
  • Small Package Service
  • Consulting Services

Delivery Services 

Delivery Services has various mail delivery routes throughout the state which provide you the opportunity to have your mail transported to the State of Michigan mail processing facility.

  • As a customer, your mail to any state office can be delivered at no cost.
  • Provides a full range of freight and moving services across the State.
  • Fulfills your requirements for large and small office moves; you determine the schedule that best meets your needs, including weekends.

For more information regarding our mail and delivery services, please contact:
Michigan Department of Technology, Management & Budget, Office of Support Services, Mail & Delivery Services
7461 Crowner Drive, Lansing, MI 48913
517-322-5971  Fax