Vision, Mission and Goals

DTMB Strategic Plan
We will make the State of Michigan one of the most innovative, efficient and responsive governments in the world.

We provide vital administrative and technology services and information to enable Michigan's reinvention.

As men and women of integrity, we adhere to the State of Michigan's values of leadership, excellence and teamwork.

Integrity: Always do what is right.
Leadership: Provide a clear vision, have a positive influence, and advocate for the organization.
Excellence: Provide our services to the best of our abilities every day, every time.
Teamwork: We create and support a diverse, yet unified team and we work together to meet our common goals.


Goal 1: Develop trusted partnerships with our customers.
Goal 2: Achieve a culture of excellence and accountability.
Goal 3: Value, engage, and empower employees.
Goal 4: Lead, innovate, and deliver solutions.