• What is Project Management?

    Project Management Support Services provides project management, project portfolio and program management, in addition to project management education, training, tools and methodology.

  • Project Management Training and ToolsProject management education and training is available to teach project managers how to complete a successful project within the agreed upon timeframe, within budget, and in accordance to customer requirements.

  • Project Management Training and Certification High quality, professional project management education and training are a critical component of building project management discipline, culture, and expertise. The depth and breadth to which project management training is employed in an agency is a key indicator of the integration level of project management throughout agency business and culture and will contribute greatly to the success of the projects.

  • State Unified Information Technology Environment (SUITE) SUITE is a Department Technology, Management & Budgetof initiative that integrates effective methodologies for project management and systems development across all projects. Why is this important? Such consistency helps ensure reliable, cost-effective IT solutions for all state agencies and departments. From start to finish, SUITE provides repeatable processes that lead to successful projects.