What is MILogin?

MILogin is the new State of Michigan Identity, Credential and Access Management (MICAM) solution. The MILogin solution will provide enhanced SSO capabilities in addition to meeting many other business requirements and security and compliance needs.

All existing SSO applications can be accessed via MILogin as of October 1, 2016.

Are you a Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Employee or Provider?

Please go to the MDHHS MILogin information page on the MDHHS website.

Michigan Civil Service Commission

  • Flu Clinic
  • HRMN Organizational Chart
  • MCSC Enterprise FileNet v5.2 Workplace XT
  • MCSC FileNet v4.5.1 Workplace XT
  • Position Action Request Information System - Tracks
  • Qualified Transportation Fringe Benefits (QTFB)

Michigan Center for Educational Performance and Information

  • Educational Entity Master (EEM)
  • Michigan Student Data Systems (MSDS)

Michigan Department of Corrections

  • Web OMNI**

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services

  • ASAP (Adult Services Automated Payment)**
  • Behavioral Health Treatment Episode Data Set (replaced DCH JBOS Substance Abuse Treatment Application)**
  • CareConnect 360**
  • CATS (State users only)**
  • CHAMPS – Community Health Automated Medicaid Processing System (and all associated applications)
  • Children’s Special Health Care Services (CSHCS)**
  • CON-MRI Validator
  • CPR/BRS for Child Support
  • CSS Business Objects
  • Database Security Application**
  • DCH Birth Registry for DHS Workers **
  • DCH Cancer Mapper **
  • DCH CON E-Serve
  • DCH File Transfer **
  • DCH Lead Safe Housing Registry
  • DCH Michigan Cashiering and Receivable System (MiCaRS)**
  • DCH Michigan Centralized Birth Certification System (MiCBCS)
  • DHS MiSACWIS InfoView Reports
  • DHS MiSACWIS Mobile Worker **
  • DCH Newborn Screening eReports **
  • DCH Oracle Discover Plus
  • DCH Oracle Discover Viewer
  • DCH Program Monitoring
  • DCH State Hospitals Billing System
  • eHARS64 – Enhanced HIV_AIDS Reporting System **
  • Electronic Death Registry System
  • HIV Laboratory Management System
  • Illinois Michigan Program Alliance for Core Technology (IMPACT) Provider Enrollment (PE)
  • Master Index Data Stewardship Portal (MIDSP)**
  • MDCH Laboratory Electronic Test Ordering and Results
  • MDHHS Enterprise FileNet v5.2 Workplace XT
  • Medicare Buy-In **
  • Michigan Dental Registry (MiDR)
  • Michigan Drug Assistance Program (MIDAP)**
  • Michigan Health Information Network (MiHIN) Identity Federation
  • Michigan Breast and Cervical Cancer Control System **
  • Michigan Care Improvement Registry
  • Michigan Disease Surveillance System
  • Michigan Statistical Information System
  • Michigan Syndromic Surveillance System
  • MI-WIC **
  • MIHP (Maternal Infant Health Program)
  • MiSACWIS Communication Website
  • MiSACWIS Provider Mapper
  • MiTEAM Fidelity
  • OBRA**
  • Pharmacy Cross Reference Application
  • Quality Assurance Compliance Review Case Read Web Application
  • Summer EBT for Children-SEBTC **
  • TPL Electronic Database (TED) Cloud Environment **
  • TED **
  • Waiver Support Application **
  • WIC E-Forms


Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs

  • Apply or Renew Adult Foster and Child Care Licenses
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Health Facilities Engineering Section
  • LARA RSM Application Access
  • LTCPP/Long Term Care Provider Portal
  • Michigan Automated Prescription System
  • Radiation Safety Enterprise FileNet v5.2 Workplace XT
  • Radiation Safety Enterprise FileNet v4.5.1 Workplace XT
  • Radiation Safety Section Online Registration System

Michigan Department of Natural Resources

  • DNR Fishing Tournaments
  • DNR Wildland Fire

Michigan Department of State Police

  • 911 GIS Data Repository
  • MCOLES FileNet v4.5.1 Workplace XT

Michigan Department of State 

  • Basic Driver Improvement Course
  • DMI Enterprise FileNet v5.2 Workplace XT
  • DMI FileNet v4.5.1 Workplace
  • Driver Appeal Integrated System (DAIS)
  • MDOS Enterprise FileNet v5.2 Workplace
  • MDOS FileNet v4.5.1 Workplace XT
  • MDOS OSRS Request Management System
  • MDOS STAR Referral System

Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget

  • Center for Shared Solutions Business Objects
  • Center for Shared Solutions Enterprise FileNet 5.2 Workplace XT

Michigan Department of Transportation

MDOT third party users (external customers, business, vendor, or organization) use the link at the bottom of this page to access MDOT systems or applications through MILogin.
  • 1391 Annual Employment Report
  • 1391 Annual Employment Report-Admin
  • 2124A / ARRA Reporting System
  • Active and Weight Restriction Bulletins Admin
  • ADARS - Act 51 Distribution and REporting System - Production
  • Aeronautics Program Manager
  • American Association of State Highway & Transportation Officials Software (AASHTOWare) Project
  • Appraiser List
  • Bus and Limo Regulatory Information System (BLRIS)
  • Construction Permit System
  • Contract Award Status Tracking
  • Co-op System Admin
  • DBE Commitments/Awards and Payments – Interchange
  • DBE Commitments/Awards and Payments – Public
  • EFRS - Electronic Field Receipt System
  • Electronic State Transportation Improvement Program (Supported by CSS)
  • Environmental Clearance Organizer
  • E-Performance Bond and Certificate of Insurance Public (COI-PB)
  • E-Performance Bond and Certificate of Insurance Admin (COI-PB Admin)
  • eProposal
  • FICS - Fabrication Inspection and Construction System
  • Flight Calculation for Aeronautics
  • Grant System
  • Independent Assurance Testing Database
  • Internet Highway Advertising Program
  • JobNet
  • Lane Closures and Restrictions Admin
  • LAPMS - Local Agency Project Management System
  • LARS - Local Agency Reimbursement System
  • MDOT Enterprise FileNet v5.2 Workplace XT
  • MDOT FileNet v4.5.1 Workplace XT
  • MiBridge
  • Media Services Job Log
  • NTFA Submit Tool
  • On-the-Job Trainee Tracking
  • Oversize/Overweight Permits
  • PAB Automated Journal Voucher
  • Pavement Historical Database
  • Pavement Management Process Plan
  • PED Class Registration
  • Permit Gateway (MPG)
  • Phonebook Directory Database Admin
  • Property Damage Reclamation Process
  • Public Transportation Management System
  • Purchasing Database Maintenance
  • Quality Advertising System
  • Railroad Project Management System
  • Road Quality Forecasting System
  • SAM - Systems Access Manager
  • State Map Mailer
  • Supplemental Specification and Special Provisions (SS/SP)
  • TAMC - Investment Reporting Tool (IRT) (Supported by CSS)
  • Traffic Crash Reporting System
  • Traffic Control System
  • Utility Relocation Tracking System

Michigan Department of Treasury

  • eDiscovery Fraud Prevention (TC-114)
  • Michigan Treasury Online (MTO) - Business Tax
  • Treasury FileNet v4.5.1 Workplace XT


**(MFA) indicates Multi-factor authentication is implemented for this application due to Protected Health Information (PHI) and other sensitive data. 

MILogin Third Party Users

Third Party users can access MILogin through the following link:

Third Party users are businesses or organizations who access State of Michigan applications and systems but do not have State of Michigan Network access and are not employees or contractors for the State of Michigan.




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