EAA Frequently Asked Questions

The Education Achievement Authority of Michigan was created to turn around the academic performance of students in the state’s lowest achieving schools. The EAA is in its second year of operating 15 schools in Detroit, nine elementary/middles schools – three are charters and six high schools.

EAA students attend school for 210 days a year, 40 more days than other Michigan students attend traditional public schools. Education Achievement Authority began its first semester in Aug. 2012 and students have made substantial academic progress with EAA’s longer school day and year and its more intensive, student-focused education program, with 59 percent of students achieving 1.5 or more year’s growth in reading and 58 percent of students achieving 1.5 or more year’s growth in math.

Each student is provided an assessment and their teacher develops an individual learning plan. Students learn at their pace; if a student is a fast learner they can excel to the next lesson and if a student needs more time to learn, they will be provided with more tools to reach mastery of their lesson.

  • Elementary/middle school students are served breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Since the EAA began, schools have more parent involvement and students are more engaged in their learning career
  • All students have access to computers
  • Student progress based upon mastery not seat time
  • The EAA meets students where they are and provide individual learning plans

EAA Schools



Brenda Scott Elementary/Middle                                             Nolan Elementary/Middle

Burns Elementary/Middle                                                            Phoenix Elementary/Middle

Law Academy                                                                                   

Mary M. Bethune Elementary/Middle                                  


High Schools

Central Collegiate Academy                                                        Mumford High School

Denby High School                                                                          Pershing High School

Ford High School                                                                              Southeastern High School



EAA Charter Schools operated by Performance Academies

  • Murphy Performance Academy
  • Stewart Performance Academy
  • Trix Performance Academy