Human Health Issues


    Michigan Advisory Committee for Elimination of Tuberculosis (MI-ACET) web site.

  • History of TuberculosisBovine TB caused disease in the animal kingdom long before invading humanity. After the domestication of cattle between 8000-4000 BC, there is evidence of human infection by M.bovis likely through milk ingestion. M.bovis was the likely pathogen in human TB until ~1000 BC.
  • Public Health Surveillance

    Physicians in Michigan are required to report communicable disease cases to their local county health departments.

  • Bovine TB and Human Health Although bovine tuberculosis is a disease most affecting livestock and wildlife, the human issues surrounding the disease are of equal importance. The public health and general welfare of the people of the state of Michigan are matters of primary public concern. In this section you will find links to human health issues ranging from the disease in humans to food safety.
  • Food Safety

    In keeping with its long-standing tradition of making food safety a top priority, MDARD pledges an equally rigorous effort to continue ensuring the safety of both venison and beef meats as well as milk through comprehensive testing, monitoring and educational efforts from the farm or processing plant to the retail store.