2012 Surveillance Maps

2012 Arbovirus Surveillance Summary

2012 Weekly Arbovirus Surveillance Summary (Final)

All Species WNV Positive, 2012

2012 Summary of Species Positive for West Nile Virus in Michigan

Corvids Reported by Zip Code, 2012

2012 Corvids Reported and/or tested for West Nile Virus by Zip Code 
(Zip code map of reports of dead or sick corvids)

WNV Human Testing, 2012

2012 West Nile Virus Human Testing Results

WNV Equine Testing, 2012

2012 West Nile Virus Equine Testing Results

WNV Mosquito Testing, 2012

2012 West Nile Virus Mosquito Testing Results

Arboviruses Other Than WNV, 2012

2012 Arboviruses Other Than WNV

Eastern Equine Encephalitis Resources, 2010 - (Click to view enlarged image in new browser window)

Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) Resources 
In 2010 Michigan experienced a large EEE outbreak in horses and people.