• Critical care utility customers now protected from shut-off by updated rules

    Medical Certification Form Infographic
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    Michigan is now a national leader in how utilities deal with critical care customers who face service shut-offs.

    The Michigan Public Service Commission approved its updated Consumer Standards and Billing Practices for Electric and Natural Gas Service rules recently. By including shut-off protection for critical care customers in the rules, the Commission is believed to be the only state public utility body in the nation that has formally adopted rules that cover these vulnerable customers.

    Critical care customers are defined as someone requiring home medical equipment or a life support system and for whom an interruption of service would be immediately life-threatening. They must complete a Commission-approved Medical Certification Form annually to qualify for the program. The form must also be signed by a physician or public health official, and the customer must then submit the completed form to their utility for review to ensure that gas or electric service will not be interrupted due to bill nonpayment.

    Under the new rules, utilities also are prohibited from remotely disconnecting households that have a critical care customer.

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