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    On March 28, 2013 Public Act 615 of the Michigan Public Acts of 2012 was enacted creating the Michigan Energy Assistance Act that requires the Michigan Department of Human Services to establish and administer the Michigan Energy Assistance Program (MEAP).  The purpose of the MEAP is to establish and administer programs statewide that provide energy assistance to eligible low-income households.  Energy assistance programs must include services that enable participants to become or move toward becoming self-sufficient, including assisting participants in paying their energy bills on time, assisting participants in budgeting for and contributing to their ability to provide for energy expenses, and assisting participants in utilizing energy services to optimize on energy efficiency.

    On July 1, 2013 Public Act 95 of the Michigan Public Acts of 2013 was enacted creating the Low-Income Energy Assistance Fund (LIEAF) charging the Michigan Department of Human Services with expending money from the fund as provided by the Michigan Energy Assistance Act.  The Act allows the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) to annually approve a low-income energy assistance funding factor, not to exceed $50,000,000, to support the LIEAF. 

    On July 23, 2015, in Case No. U-17377, the MPSC adopted a funding factor of 98 cents per meter per month for all Michigan electric utilities that have opted to participate in the funding of the LIEAF, effective for the September 2015 billing month.

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