• LED Conversion In Commercial Buildings Program - CLOSED AUGUST 29th

    The Michigan Agency for Energy through the Michigan Energy Office (MEO) is offering to match rebates received by eligible applicants to encourage large scale adoption LED interior lighting. The MEO will offer financial assistance for LED Conversion projects for municipalities and school districts.  The purpose of this program is to encourage cost effective energy upgrades that reduce operating costs for building owners, support local job creation and free up capital to reinvest in these businesses over the long term.  These upgrades are expected to improve energy efficiency by 30% or more in each funded project. The MEO will match utility rebates for conversion of current lighting to LED technology.

  • Event Sponsorship Assistance

    The Michigan Agency for Energy, through the Energy Office is offering financial assistance for workshops, conferences, or other events that increase awareness of energy waste reduction and/or renewable energy technologies, applications, opportunities, and best practices in the state of Michigan.

  • LED Exterior Lighting Rebate Program - CLOSED AUGUST 30th

    The Michigan Energy Office (MEO) is offering rebates to eligible applicants to upgrade existing public exterior lighting with light emitting diode (LED) lights.  The purpose of this program is to encourage energy waste reduction and promote community vitality by accelerating the transition to energy efficient LED exterior lighting. MEO will match utility rebates up to $0.35/W reduced. Applicants with no utility rebate will be awarded at a rate of $0.35/W reduced.

  • State Energy Program Planning Request-for-Information

    The Michigan Energy Office seeks comment on potential programs for the upcoming year to promote innovative energy waste reduction (EWR) and renewable energy (RE) technologies. These programs may include the following:

    • Energy policy coordination and advocacy;
    • Advocacy for integrating EWR and RE into local government planning; and
    • Incentives, education, and outreach for areas such as buildings, communities, industry, transportation, and education.
  • Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Loans for Michigan Businesses

    The Michigan Agency for Energy (MAE), through the Michigan Energy Office (Energy Office), is offering small businesses, currently located in Michigan, loans for energy efficiency upgrades and renewable energy project implementation. This effort is directed at businesses that are seeking to upgrade and/or install clean energy technologies. One million five hundred thousand dollars ($1.5M) in loan funds are available for eligible projects. Loan requests should be between $50,000-350,000, and limited to supplies, materials and equipment costs only. (Click for details)