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    Veterans' Employment Services

    The Director of the Veterans' Services Division is Major General Robert W. Smith, III US Army (Ret), his office is located in Lansing, MI.

    Mission Statement: 
    George Washington once said, "A nation is judged by how well it treats its veterans."  America's veterans have historically given a blank check to the American people and the US Government for an amount up to, and including, their lives.  For the blank check given, while within the borders of Michigan, the Veterans' Services Division will make sure any check cashed for services owed will not bounce.  Our commitment to veterans and their families is to provide resources that will help veterans and their eligible spouses find employment or entrepreneurial opportunities.  The Veterans' Services Division staff will help identify possible educational/training programs under the various GI Bill's to aid veterans and their eligible spouses in becoming job ready.  The Veterans' Services Division will also be champions that promote the hiring of veterans and their eligible spouses to all employers throughout Michigan.  The Veterans' Services Division will also partner with other governmental agencies and veterans services organizations to help veterans and their families with the reintegration and transition process into Michigan. 

    The Veterans' Services Division also houses the State Approving Agency for educational, apprenticeship and internship programs that are authorized by the Department of Veteran Affairs as part of the GI Bill.


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    Veteran Employment Specialists are located at Michigan Works! offices and are ready to assist veterans and employers.  Please note that some Specialists cover multiple locations and will be listed under all of the locations they cover.  Also, please bring proof of your military service (DD214, discharge papers, etc.) when visiting a Michigan Works! office to help verify your veteran status.

    If you are an institution of higher learning or training facility and need to contact an Education Consultant please click here for a contact listing.

    If you need more assistance, please call the State of Michigan Veterans Hotline at (800) 455-5228 or email us at .  The Veterans' Services Division's mailing address is 201 N. Washington Square, 5th Floor, Lansing, MI 48913.

    If you were looking for the Michigan Department of Military and Veteran Affairs, which has separate functions than the Veterans' Services Division, please click here.

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