MIOSHA Customer Testimonials

MIOSHA Customer Testimonials 2

“I have been pleased with CET’s consultants I have been working with from health and safety.  Both consultants have been great to work with and have been very accessible on follow-up questions.  Training through MIOSHA is great and resources that MIOSHA provides - outstanding.”


“The visit helped me with some areas where I was struggling as well as providing me with information to aid in completing the Safety Programs I was currently working on for the company.  ‘The consultant’ also made me aware of a couple devices that I was completely unaware of and I’ve been in the trade for over 20 years.”


“Representative was extremely helpful.  Will plan on a review with MIOSHA every few years.”


“The consultant was awesome.  Extremely helpful and knowledgeable.  Gave suggestions for corrections.  Keep him on staff.”


"I like that these instructors have experience in what they teach, speak to us in both plain language and technical terminology, take time to answer our questions, and are friendly‚Ķ I want more MIOSHA training!"