MIOSHA Customer Testimonials

“For a company that is honestly looking to improve, this program is a great value!”
Automatic Spring Products
Grand Haven, MI

“This program is very helpful, and I’m sure our employees are safer and our business better protected because of it.”
Hydra-Fab, Inc.
Eastpointe, MI

“I would suggest that more promotion be given to the CET Division and the services they provide to Michigan business. Your tax dollars work for you with this program.”
Super Steel Treating Company
Warren, MI

"A great job – well done! ‘The CET consultant’ was very knowledgeable and able to answer all questions. Thank you very much!”
Valley Residential Services
St. Charles, MI

“As long as we have dealt with MIOSHA, we have been happy.”
Hilite International/Acutex, Inc.
Whitehall, MI

”This program is truly the 1st line of defense to safety. It's amazing how much information about our jobs we didn't know!”
Seminar participant

“MIOSHA was great! I think ‘the consultant’ was very helpful. He was very professional and a wealth of great information.”
Detroit Edge Tool Company
Roseville, MI

“We recently signed an agreement to participate in the MIOSHA Challenge Program (MCP). The experience that we had with MIOSHA in this program was excellent. MIOSHA staff who visited the facility were very helpful, friendly, and resourceful! We are very pleased with the services provided to us. So far, as a result of the MCP, we have updated and conducted our crane safety “Train-the-Trainer” program and have conducted our forklift training to evaluate our operator’s performance. We look forward to our continued work to develop a safety and health management

Chris Stemmer, Health and Safety Representative
Barnes Aerospace
Lansing, MI

“The CET training we participated in was excellent. We have come a long way over the past few years – from a group who would not wear hard hats and safety glasses to the same group bragging about their safety knowledge and performance. We could not have done it without your help.”
Robert J. Kenyon Jr.
Robert Kenyon & Sons, Inc.
Building Contractors
Hillman, MI

It’s been and continues to be a great pleasure for Steel Industries to work interactively with the MIOSHA CET Division. The progress that’s been achieved through this collective interaction consistently moves the Steel Industries Facilities forward in safety. The entire staff at the MIOSHA CET Division is without a doubt first rate and top shelf. The tireless effort from ‘CET’ has helped direct and guide Steel Industries in our continually evolving safety program.

On behalf of everyone at Steel Industries, thank you so much for your support. The professional demeanor of the CET Division exemplifies through action, that business and government can work together collectively for the benefit of everyone.”
Thomas Drake, HSE
Steel Industries
Redford Township, MI

"’Your consultant’ did an excellent presentation on health hazards – lead asbestos, and others. She is very knowledgeable. We welcome her to come back!!!”
Milford, MI

“One of MIOSHA’s compliance officers’ referred us to CET for further assistance. ‘The CET consultant’ promptly responded and offered assistance. Great teamwork!  Continue to offer updates and training in west Michigan – very reasonable and helpful.”
Michigan Steel, Inc.
Muskegon, MI

“We corrected issues surrounding right to know, hazardous communications, and mandatory annual training. Just having it explained thoroughly in person was very helpful.”
Caro, MI

“We’re very pleased with our visit from CET. This is the sort of help employers need – proactive, not reactive and punitive. Our consultant was very helpful.”
Grand Transformers Inc.
Grand Haven, MI

“MIOSHA has definitely helped our corporation jump start our safety and health program. We have completed two consultations and have implemented procedures to all of our locations from these recommendations. Keep doing what you do. ‘Your consultant’ has been overly helpful and available for all questions. We definitely appreciate his assistance.”
Lansing, MI

“From when we started our journey with the Michigan Voluntary Protection Program (MVPP) in late 2001 through 2006, we have experienced:

  • 63% improvement in RCR
  • 46 improvement in productivity
  • 12% cost reduction
  • 37 % reduction in hazardous waste
  • 68% improvement in cost of poor quality
  • Customer service levels over 99%
  • Significantly reduced absenteeism and turnover at all levels”

Paul W. Boesnecker, Safety and Compliance Manager
Sherwin Williams
Holland, MI

“After several initial visits by CET representatives and reviewing the MVPP requirements many improvements were made primarily in the area of machine guarding. Working together to provide a safe work environment for the employees of International Paper was the common goal of the facility and MIOSHA-CET Division.” Speaking for all the employees we are very proud of the MVPP award and take pride in working safe, which has been bolstered by partnering with CET of MIOSHA.”
Steve Knutson, Plant Manger
International Paper
Sturgis, MI

“The consultants inspired us to work towards the MSHARP award. The consultants are incredibly knowledgeable and have continually been helpful. We look forward to all future dealings.”
Kelley Bader, Business Manager
CBR Industries

Traverse City, MI  

"Our efforts to reach MSHARP status and to contain our workers’ compensation costs over past years, and reduce these costs by 50% this past year have been helped directly with the support of the MIOSHA Consultation Education & Training Division. The expertise provided in interpretation and implementation of regulations and best practices have personally assisted me, and our company in supporting our commitment to provide a safe work place for all to work. This is a key cornerstone of our success as a company.”
Phil Preston, Environmental, Health & Safety Manager
Gestamp HardTech

Mason, MI