Identification Verification Services - Direct Shippers

For Michigan licensed Direct Shippers who choose to use an age verification service pursuant to MCL 436.1203(3) the Michigan Liquor Control Commission has approved the following companies as authorized age identification verification services:

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Phone: 800-869-0751




Integrity ID Verified Logo

Integrity - ID Verified

Phone: 877-580-5425



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IDology, Inc.

Phone: 866-520-1234



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Veratad Technologies, LLC
ID response verification services
Phone: 201-510-6000

Upon request of the Commission, any Michigan licensed Direct Shipper must make available to the Commission any documents used to verify the age of the individual ordering or receiving the wine from the Direct Shipper.  All wine packages must label the shipping container as, "Contains Alcohol: Must be delivered to a person 21 years of age or older."  The recipient at the time of delivery is required to provide photo identification verifying his or her age along with a signature.