Licensing Division

The 75th Anniversary of the Michigan Liquor Control Commission (MLCC) brought many changes to our Licensing Division. The division that was once divided into On-Premises, Off-Premises, Manufactures and Wholesalers, and Special Licenses has been re-designed to take on a more team approach to the MLCC's licensing matters. Licensing now consists of four units; for on-premises and off-premises licenses, each unit has a different focus and different expertise towards their matter.

Approximately 17,200 retail businesses, including bars, grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, convenience stores and pharmacies have one or more active licenses. The Division renews almost 27,000 retail licenses and issues about 6,200 Special (24-hour) Licenses annually. The Manufacturers and Wholesalers Section is responsible for the issuance of approximately 2,100 licenses and permits (manufacturers and other non-retail agents), and the approval of labeling and advertising by manufacturers and wholesalers.

Each specialized unit consists of different responsibilities.

  • Unit 1 is focused on the initial processing of applications.
  • Unit 2 is accountable for preparing paperwork for investigations necessary for the licensee to open for business.
  • Unit 3 reviews investigation reports and recommendations from local law enforcement and local government agencies for Commission consideration.
  • Unit 4 processes the closing packages, releases Commission orders and reviews all closing papers. Manufactures and Wholesalers will continue to operate business as usual.


Licensing Toll Free Information Line 866-813-0011

The Licensing Division consists of:

Licensing Administration - Director's Office, Assistant Director's Office, Docket Preparation Unit, Receptionist, Special Licenses Unit.

Data Control Section - Insurance Unit, Records Unit,Central Files Unit, Renewal and Service unit.

Retail Licensing Processing Section - Escrow / Quota Information, Off Premises Unit, On Premises Unit.

Manufacturers & Wholesalers Section - Information, Lansing telephone number, email mailbox, and forms.