Manufacturer & Wholesalers Section License & Permit Types
Brewpub - License issued by the Commission to manufacturer up to 5,000 barrels of beer annually. A Brewpub must also hold an on-premises license (Class C, Tavern, AHotel, B-Hotel or Resort) issued by the Commission. A Brewpub must operate a full service restaurant with at least 25% gross sales from non-alcoholic items. Brewpubs may sell beer they manufacturer to consumers only for either on-premises consumption or for take-out. Brewpubs may not sell beer they manufacture to wholesalers or retailers. A person may have interest in up to three Brewpubs with the total combined production of all locations not to exceed 5,000 barrels per year. An investigation by the Commission’s Enforcement Division is required along with local law enforcement approval and local governing body approval. Annual license fee is $100.00.
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