Technical Bulletins

Technical Bulletins are issued to provide clarification on issues which arise regarding construction code administration and enforcement. The information provided in the bulletin is developed to promote uniform interpretation and enforcement of the state codes by the Bureau of Construction Codes. The Director of Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs has delegated the authority to make the following interpretations and explanations which are advisory and explanatory.

Publication No. 2 (Updated 10-14) - Under Review
Manufactured Home Installation Requirements 

Publication No. 4 (Updated 1-14-09)
Installation of Boilers in Residential Buildings 

Publication No. 9 (Updated 7-06)
Requirement for a Construction Board of Appeals 
This bulletin is currently under revision and is temporarily unavailable. 

Publication No. 12 (Updated 7-06)
Instrument Technician 

Publication No. 13 (Updated 7-06)
Michigan Building Code Handrail Graspability 

Publication No. 18 (Updated 7-06)
Ice Shields on Steep-Sloped Roofs 

Publication No. 24 (Updated 7-06)
Requirements for Plumbing Fixtures in Remote Cabins 

Publication No. 27 (Updated 7-06)
Temperature and Pressure Relief Valves 

Publication No. 28 (Updated 10-30-07)
Plan Submission Requirements for Mechanical Permits 

Publication No. 30 (Updated 7-06)
Registration of a Mechanical Contractor's License with Local Communities 

Publication No. 34 (Updated 7-06)
Tie Downs for Manufactured Homes at Retail Centers 

Publication No. 37 (Updated 7-06)
Basement Emergency Escape and Rescue Openings 

Publication No. 38 (Updated 1-24-08)
Special Configuration Stack Fittings 

Publication No. 40 (Updated 10-16-07)
Michigan Residential Code Shower Floor Liner Pitch 

Publication No. 41 (Updated 10-07)
The Installation of Water Meters in Manufactured Communities 

Publication No. 42 (Updated 7-06)
Roof Design 

Publication No. 46 (Updated 7-06)
Pressure-Reducing Valves on Boilers 

Publication No. 47 (Updated 4-10)
Water Supply to HVAC Equipment 

Publication No. 49 (Issued 2-07)
Inspection of School Projects Completed Under School Trade Education Programs 

Publication No. 50 (Issued 1-28-08)
Existing Elevator and Barrier Free Lifting Device, Door, and Clearance Requirements 

Publication No. 53 (Issued 10-29-08)
Medical Gas Piping Installations 

Publication No. 56 (Issued 05-07-09)
Solid Fuel Hydronic Heaters (Outdoor Furnaces) 

Publication No. 57 (Issued 10-19-10)
Manufactured Housing Ordinances for Rental Housing