BCC Administration

Office of the Bureau Director, Deputy Director and the  Construction Code Commission .

Office of Administrative Services 

The Office of Administrative Services (OAS) handles promulgation of rules, publication of the bureau's newsletter, media coordination, duties related to the Americans with Disabilities Act, personnel oversight, and performs good moral character reviews. OAS also includes investigation of consumer licensing complaints, local code program evaluation services, processing of ordinances from local units of government, processing of Applications to Administer and Enforce, and assistance and guidance to local units of government and their code enforcement programs throughout the state. 

Office of Management Services 

The Office of Management Services (OMS) is responsible for the bureau budget, internal controls, performance reporting, document management, permitting, code books sales, and maintaining the bureau's web site. 

Permits and License Renewals 
OMS processes building, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing permits. Electrical, mechanical, and plumbing license renewals are processed by the respective division.

Freedom of Information Requests 
Freedom of Information Act