Subdivision Data Downloads

Index of Subdivisions 
This data file is the State of Michigan's index of all recorded subdivisions in the State. Subdivisions are cataloged using a sequential numbering system starting with the number '1'. There are currently over 65,000 recorded subdivisions. Records related to subdivisions are available for use by the public and are filed with the:

Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs
Bureau of Construction Codes
Office of Land Survey and Remonumentation
P.O. Box 30254
Lansing, MI 48909

Download SUBDIV1.TXT. Size is approximately 1.2 MB, updated daily.

Note: This text file contains all current records from our Subdivision System. The Subdiv1.txt file can be imported into any software package that supports comma delimited text files. For file layout specifications, view the FDSUBDIV.PDF document.