Mobile Home Park Construction

Plan Approval and Permit to Construct

Authority: Mobile Home Commission Act PA 96 of 1987, as amended and Manufactured Housing Commission General Rules

The proposal for the construction of a new mobile home park or the expansion of an existing park or alteration to an existing park is required to obtain the plan approval and permit to construct from the Plan Review Division, Bureau of Construction Codes. Prior to submitting the application to the Plan Review Division the developer shall obtain the preliminary approvals from the local health department, county road commission, county drain commissioner, and municipality. The developer is also required to obtain a construction plan approval for water and sewer.

The developer shall submit the application to the Plan Review Division with the specified fee and a set of construction documents. Along with the application a copy of the existing and proposed easements, a soil analysis report, evidence of title to the property, all required preliminary plan approvals shall be submitted. The Plan Review Division will review the documents for compliance with applicable rules and issue a plan approval and permit to construct. The plan approval and permit to construct is valid for 5 years after the date of issuance and may extended upon application. An extension may be issued for a maximum of 10 years beyond initial date of approval. The same approval process is applicable to mobile home condominium and conversion of existing park to home condominium. Mobile Home Code Commission may extend the plan approval and permit to construct and grant variance to the park design and construction rules upon request.


Questions should be directed to the Plan Review Division at 517-241-9328.