Filing A Complaint

File a complaint online at

Complaints Against Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing Licensees 

The Licensing and Complaints Division reviews complaints against electricians, mechanical contractors, and plumbers. Complaints must be made in writing online, using the complaint form, by letter, or via email and must contain the following information:

  • File a complaint online at
  • Statement of Complaint Form PDF icon
  • Letter or E-Mail
    • Name, address, and phone number of complainant
    • Job location (if different than complainant's address)
    • Township, city, or village and county of job location
    • Name and address of company the complaint is against
    • Name of the individual(s) you dealt with at the company
    • License number of contractor, if known
    • What you hired the contractor to do (e.g., install specific equipment, repair equipment, etc.)
    • What was wrong with the work that was performed
    • If equipment was installed, was a permit obtained and/or inspections performed
    • Attach copies of any substantiating documentation (e.g., contract, proposal, invoice, etc.)

The Bureau does not have statutory authority to intervene in monetary or contractual issues.  If code activities for your unit of government are enforced at the local or county level, you should first contact the local enforcing agency to see if the matter can be resolved before submitting a complaint to the state.

Most complaints will be handled chronologically as they are received. Final determinations are based on the facts, so we are unable to tell you how long the investigation may take. Priority will be given to complaints where it appears the situation is life threatening or circumstances exist which might be hazardous to the public. A complaint generally follows this process:

  • Your complaint is logged and assigned a file number. You will receive a letter acknowledging receipt of complaint.
  • Based upon the information you have provided, your complaint will be reviewed to determine if the bureau has jurisdiction over the matter and whether a violation of the statutes or rules has occurred, if an investigation should be initiated, or if additional information is required.
  • If a local code enforcing agency has jurisdiction over the allegations described in your complaint, the complaint may be referred to that local code enforcing agency for review and action.
  • The individual whom the complaint is against (the respondent) will be notified of the allegations and a written response to the allegations will be requested.
  • If the investigation determines that the law or rules may have been violated, an informal compliance conference is scheduled with the respondent to discuss the allegations.
  • If an agreement is not reached at the informal compliance conference, the matter is forwarded to the Attorney General's office for review and possible formal administrative hearing.
  • At the conclusion of the investigation, you will be notified of the findings and determinations made regarding your complaint.

Please note that our review of the allegations does not preclude you from seeking remedy through the legal system. If you resolve the issues through the court system, please advise us immediately.

Please also note that complaints against residential builders and/or maintenance and alteration contractors are not handled by the Bureau of Construction Codes. You should contact the Bureau of Professional Licensing at 517-373-9196 or

Correspondence regarding electrical, mechanical, or plumbing licensee complaints should be mailed to:

           Bureau of Construction Codes
           Licensing and Compliance Division
           P.O. Box 30254
           Lansing, MI 48909

Questions may be directed to the Bureau of Construction Codes at 517-241-9309.

Complaints Against Local Units of Government 

The Licensing and Compliance Division processes and reviews complaints relating to the administration and enforcement of construction codes as performed by local units of government.

All complaints must be submitted in writing and should include the following information:

-Name, address, and phone number of complainant
-Identification of the unit of government (i.e. Village, Township, City, or County)
-Clearly detail the specific issue of the complaint
-Attach copies of any substantiating documentation
-Signature of complainant

All correspondence regarding complaints against local units of government that administer and enforce their own construction code programs should be submitted to: 

Bureau of Construction Codes
Licensing and Compliance Division
P.O. Box 30254
Lansing, MI 48909

Note: Complaints will only be accepted in writing. Anonymous submissions will not be processed.

Questions may be directed to the Bureau of Construction Codes at 517-241-9309.

Complaints Against Mobile Home Parks, Manufacturers, or Dealers 

Complaints must be made online or by returning the completed "Manufactured Housing Statement of Complaint" form and accompanying information. 

Bureau of Construction Codes
Licensing and Compliance Division
P.O. Box 30254
Lansing, MI 48909

Provide any documents and/or photographs supporting the complaint (Note: Originals will not be returned). For example, complaints against dealers and manufacturers should include items like purchase agreements and payment receipts. For park complaint items, photographs and the location of the items should be provided.

Questions may be directed to the Bureau of Construction Codes at 517-241-9309.