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  • Electroplating - Automated Hoist/Transfer Systems Fact Sheet PDF icon

    Automated hoist and transfer systems are used in the electroplating industry to move racks or barrels of parts from tank to tank in an electroplating line. This fact sheet describes some of the hazards and safeguards for this equipment.

  • Antineoplastic and Other Hazardous Drugs - State Emphasis Program (SEP)

    Drugs considered to be hazardous include anti-neoplastic medications, anti-viral drugs, hormones and bioengineered drugs among others. These drugs have therapeutic advantages for ill patients that out-weigh the potential risk of side effects; however, healthy employees exposed to these drugs may also experience these harmful side effects. This instruction outlines MIOSHA's plan for education and enforcement in this industry.  

  • New MIOSHA Injury and Illness Reporting Requirements in Effect

    Michigan employers are required to report any work-related amputation, loss of an eye, or in-patient hospitalization of any employee to MIOSHA within 24 hours of the incident. Employers can report the incidents by completing an online form or calling the designated hotline.


  • File a Complaint

    How to file a safety and/or health compliant about your employer.

  • Heat-Related Illness Inspections DOC icon

    This memorandum is to describe the enforcement aspect of the MIOSHA heat-related illness campaign to raise awareness among workers and employers of the risks associated with working in hot environments.

  • Focus on Agricultural/Migrant Workers

    Focus on Agricultural/Migrant Workers Prepare a safe and healthy workplace for agricultural/migrant workers during the upcoming agricultural season.

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