Technology Related to Blindness and Visual Impairment

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1. Information on Adaptive Software and Equipment 
2. Free Assistive Technology for the Blind       
      a. Free Magnification Software    
     b. Free Screen Readers for Microsoft Windows 
     c. Free Screen Readers for Linux Operating System 
     d. Free Antivirus Software 
     e. Free Internet and E-Mail 
     f. Free E-Books and Daisy Software 
     g. Free Tutorials and Training 
     h. Other Free Software and Related Resources 
3. Free Services and Products 
4. Low-Cost Software 
5. Online Sales of Adaptive Equipment and Software for the Blind 


1.  Information on Adaptive Software and Equipment


2.  Free Assistive Technology for the Blind 

a.  Free Magnification Software 

b.  Free Screen Readers for Microsoft Windows 

  • Free NaturalReader 
  • NonVisual Desktop -- Works with Windows SP and Windows Vista
  • SpokenText -- Free online text to speech converter.  Only works on the Internet, but you can download the files to an MP3 player to take with you and play later.
  • Thunder -- Works with Windows XP and Vista

c.  Free Screen readers for Linux operating system 

d.  Free Antivirus Software 

e.  Free Internet and E-mail 

f.  Free E-Books and DAISY Software 

g.  Free Tutorials and Training 

h.  Other Free Software and Related Resources 

3.  Free Services and Products 

  • Assistive Technology Exchange Website -- Find equipment for sale or for giveaway
  • Computers for Schools specializes in the refurbishment and delivery of donated computers.
  • Directory Assistance -- Dial 800-373-3411 or 800-FREE-411 for free directory assistance.  They will also connect your call for free. 
  • Google 411 Voice Portal Business Directory. Call 800-GOOG-411 or 800-466-4411. You can choose a city and state and then search specific listings or categories. The service will then list all the businesses in the city relating to that category. When you choose one, it will connect you free of charge. 
  • Hearing Aid, free from the Lions Hearing Center of Michigan, 4201 St. Antoine, 5E-UHC, Detroit, MI 48236, 313-745-4664 or 888-LHC-MICH
  • Michigan Disability Resources 
  • Microsoft Business and Information Directory, 800-CALL-411 or 800-225-5411. This free service gives you numbers for businesses plus weather, movie listings, travel information, and traffic updates. Human recorded prompts are used for much of the listings, and the number is given without much delay. You can also be connected directly to a business or have the number sent as a text message. If you call back from the same phone, it remembers the last listing you requested, in case you need to call them back or you forgot the number.

4.  Low-Cost Software 


5.  Online Sales of Adaptive Equipment and Software for the Blind