Intervenor Services

An Intervenor works as an independent contractor providing direct, one-on-one services focusing on developing daily living skills and the greatest vocational potential possible.  

Intervenor Program services may be provided in the consumer's workplace, home environment, or other places in the community such as stores, restaurants, libraries, laundromats, etc.  The Intervenor becomes a tutor, friend, advocate, mentor, and language role model to improve the DeafBlind individual's communication skills.  

The Intervenor Program is funded through a cooperative cash match agreement between the (Michigan) Bureau of Services for Blind Persons and another agency such as Community Mental Health, an Intermediate School District (ISD) or Regional Educational Service Agency (RESA), or another rehabilitation agency. 

For more information: 

DeafBlind Services, (Michigan) Bureau of Services for Blind Persons 
201 N. Washington Square, 2nd Floor 
P.O. Box 30652  
Lansing, MI 48909  
517-373-2062 (voice); 800-292-4200 (voice, toll-free) 
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