Frequently Asked Questions

The answers provided are not meant to be a substitute for legal advice.


The laws and rules applicable to this profession are found at the following links:

Contact Information:

Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs

Corporations, Securities, & Commercial Licensing Bureau

Licensing Division

PO BOX 30018

Lansing, MI 48909


Question:  How do I check to see if a person is licensed in a profession or occupation regulated by the

Corporations, Securities, & Commercial Licensing Bureau?


Answer:  Call the Licensing Division at (517) 241-9288, email the Licensing Division at, or visit Check A License to verify the individual or business entity is licensed.  Please note:  Being licensed is not a guarantee of the quality of service.


Other things you may want to consider doing:

  • Ask the licensee to show you their "pocket card" which will contain their license number.
  • Call the Enforcement Division at 517-241-9202 or Check A License to determine if there has been disciplinary action against the individual or business entity.  Please note:  Open investigations are not included.
  • Ask for and verify references.
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau.


Question:  Can I request a written verification of licensure that will include a detailed status history of an individual's license?


Answer:  The State of Michigan offers a license status report, which is a signed document indicating the current status of the license. To obtain a status report, complete form CSCL/LCE-800 Status Only License Verification Request and submit the $5.00 fee for each report.

The State of Michigan also offers a detailed license report, which is a signed document providing the license history. To obtain a detailed history of a license, complete form CSCL/LCE-801 Detailed License Verification Request along with the $15.00 processing fee for each number of documents desired.


Question:  How do I file a complaint?


Answer:  You may file a complaint with the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) by writing to the following address:  (Please note:  It is best if you file your complaint on forms provided by the Department to avoid unnecessary delays.)


                LARA/Corporations, Securities, & Commercial Licensing Bureau

                Enforcement Division

                PO BOX 30018

                Lansing, MI 48909


Question:  Does the Department enforce professional standards of a profession or handle contract disputes?


Answer:  It varies depending on the occupation and profession.  These matters may be addressed by professional associations that have established standards for its members.  Generally, contract disputes are outside the jurisdiction of the Bureau and may be determined by either contract provisions or a civil process. 


Question:  Can restitution or corrections of code violations be guaranteed?


Answer:  No.


Question:  Is there a deadline to file a complaint against a builder?


Answer:  Section 2411 of the Occupational Code, Act 299 of 1980, provides the following:


  • A complaint shall be made within 18 months after the latest of the following regarding a residential structure or a combination of residential and commercial structure as follows:
    • In the case of a maintenance and alteration contract:
      • Completion.
      • Occupancy.
      • Purchase.
    • In the case of a project requiring an occupancy permit:
      • Issuance of the certificate of occupancy or temporary certificate of occupancy.
      • Closing.


Question:  May a licensee be represented by an attorney in the administrative complaint process?


Answer:  Yes, at the licensee's expense.


Question:  How will I know that my complaint is received by the Department?


Answer:  The Department will send you a written confirmation of receipt of your complaint within 15 to 30 days after it has been received. 


Question:  Will the licensee receive a copy of my complaint?


Answer:  The Department may send a copy of your complaint to the respondent/licensee for an initial response. 


Question:  What is a formal complaint?


Answer:  A formal complaint is a legal document issued by the Department that charges a licensee with statutory or rule violations.


Question:  What happens after a formal complaint is issued?


Answer:  A respondent/licensee may request a compliance/settlement conference.  If one is not requested, the matter will be referred to the Michigan Administrative Hearing System for hearing. 


Question:  What is the purpose of the compliance/settlement conference?


Answer:  The purpose of the conference is to provide the respondent/licensee the opportunity to show compliance with the law before an administrative contested case hearing is held.  If settlement is reached, it will be presented to the appropriate licensing board or official for approval.  If an agreement is not reached, an administrative hearing will be scheduled.


Question:  How will I know if I am needed as a witness?


Answer:  If you are needed as a witness at a hearing, the Department's hearing representative will contact you before the hearing.


Question:  Must the advisory board or Department accept the Administrative Law Examiner's recommendation of a penalty.


Answer:  Generally, the advisory board or Department is not bound to accept the Administrative Law Examiner's recommendation of a penalty.


Question:  What are the penalties that may be assessed?


Answer:  The penalties may include a limitation on a license, suspension, revocation, fine, probation, or restitution.


Question:  Who may appeal a final order?


Answer:  Only the respondent/licensee may appeal the final order to Circuit Court.


Question:  Who decides on sanctions against a respondent/licensee where a board or commission does not exist?


Answer:  The Department.


Question:  Will the Department return my original documents to me if I request them?


Answer:  The documents you send to the Department become the property of the Department and will not be returned to you.  You are encouraged to submit copies of the documents and retain the originals for your personal file.


Question:  How do I get licensed as a Residential builder or Residential Maintenance & Alteration (M&A) Contractor Salesperson?


Answer:  The first step in obtaining a license as a salesperson is to contact PSI Services LLC at 800-733-9267, or visit their website at, to register for the exam.  Once an applicant has passed the salesperson exam, PSI will mail a license application, with pre-printed exam information, to the applicant.  The salesperson application must then be completed and submitted to the Builder's Unit by the Salesperson and the employing Residential Builder or M&A Contractor. 


Question:  How do I transfer my Salesperson's license to a different Residential Builder or Residential M&A Contractor?


Answer:  If a licensed Salesperson transfers employment from the builder or contractor under which he or she is presently licensed to a new employer, the Salesperson and new employer shall submit to the Builder's unit a Salesperson Transfer Application. The transfer application form can be found under Forms and Publications.

Question:  I used to be licensed as a Salesperson, but the license expired.  What do I do now?


Answer:  If your license as a Salesperson expired less than three years ago, you may submit a Salesperson Relicensure Application. The relicensure application can be found under Forms and Publications.  If it has been more than three years since you were licensed as a Salesperson, you will need to retake the Salesperson exam.  Contact PSI Services LLC at 800-733-9267, or visit their website at, to register for the exam.  Once an applicant has passed the salesperson exam, PSI will mail a license application, with pre-printed exam information, to the applicant.  The salesperson application must then be completed and submitted to the Builder's Unit.